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Rules For Posting
As a condition of your use of BizBe you agree that you are older than 16 years of age. At BizBe we want to make sure that the site is as clean, friendly and usable as possible for everyone.

Ads that fall outside the posting rules stated in our Terms of Use may not be accepted.

You are solely responsible for all information that you submit to BizBe and any consequences that may result from your post.

We reserve the right at our discretion to refuse content that we believe is inappropriate or breaching our terms of use.

We also reserve the right at our discretion to restrict a user's usage of the site either temporarily or permanently, or refuse a user's registration.

General reasons for ad removal or ads being placed on hold
1. Against policy
2. Duplicate of another ad posted by you
3. We only accept ads in English for now.
4. No excessive use of capital letters. BizBe community find it very hard to read ads which use capitals excessively
5. No website links to other property / job / classified or auction sites
6. Not descriptive enough (Ads that do not provide enough detail will not be accepted as this makes for a bad browsing experience)
7. Appears to be a copy of another ad posted on BizBe (You may not copy other user ads, you ad must be original)
8. Inappropriate language
9. Inappropriate photo / image
10. Discriminatory on race / religion / nationality
11. Ads that report other fraudulent ads.

Please report potentially fraudulent ads via email to

BizBe reserves the right to refuse any postings that we feel are not relevant, or of value to the BizBe community, with or without notice.
There are several reasons why an Ad may have been removed from the site including:
1. Your ad has been reported to us. When this happens your ad may be temporarily suspended (this depends on a few things) until we look at it. We check reported ads as quickly as we can. As long as we find that it hasn't broken any Posting Policies or Terms of Use it should be back up again shortly. Check back after a few hours to see if this is the case.
2. Your ad has been removed Ads either reported to us or identified by our automated tools as inappropriate, that we then find do break our Posting Policies or Terms of Use will be removed from the site.

In most cases we email you to let you know when we have had to remove your ad. These emails sometimes get directed to junk folders so please look out for BizBe emails. You may wish to add to your safe senders list if you have one). If you have checked out all of these possibilities and none of them apply to your ad then please let us know by emailing BizBe and we'll be happy to help you out.
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