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Opportunities within BizBe

Employment Positions
As BizBe is launching into the global arena, we currently have no positions for employment available.

We try to make available opportunities for individuals or companies to market their products or services through our BizApps, BizStore and BizSmart prime sections. This allows one to reach a wider audience on a global scale

These opportunities are:
Do you have a Business Application or Software that you would like to make available to theBizBe community? It could be anything from an Invoicing System to Employee Time Application ...

Do you have a business product that will WOW the world or is a neccessity to the business community?


Education and Skills - very crucial to growing economies ... Do you have a specific skills or education program or teaching tool?

Email Us

Simply email us to and provide:

1. Product or Service Title
2. Section: BizApps | BizStore | BizSmart
3. Your details: Name | Country | Address | Email | contact Numbers
4. Description of your product or service
5. Any images
6. Price: whether it is free to download, monthly charges, once of charges
7. What our discount is ... very important.
8. Is It a competitive price? We only showcase very good discounted, low and affordable products and services ..
9. Can you supply Globally or only in a specific country
10. What safe guards do you have in place to secure delivery
11.What references do you have ... we need to check this

Send the above to us .. and please allow up to 10 working days for a reply.

Note: You will have to sign our Resell Agreement which is legal in all countries around the world.

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