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South Africa
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Bliss Maintenance & Renovations
Location: 411 Caddies street, Gourand, Roodepoort, Gauteng
Industry: Building, construction, maintenance and Renovations

Are you seeking the best solution to your infrastructural problem?

Do you wish to renovate your establishment with the utmost architectural ingenuity?

Well look no further, Bliss maintenance and renovation solutions is here and we are more than willing to turn your dreams of a beautiful establishment into a reality.

Based in Gauteng, our company offers high quality solutions to any infrastructural problem.

We use high quality products and possess highly skilled professional who will renovate any building regardless of its size and magnitude.

We provide infrastructural maintenance solutions that can withstand the test of time and prevent any form of damage(whether it is short term or long term).
We assure you, after the job is done, not only will your building look beautiful and well maintained, it will also represent the highest form of infrastructural perfection, guaranteed.
Are you keen on turning your old building into an alluring representation of brilliant architectural craftsmanship that fits perfectly with the notion of modernisation?
Are you ready to allow a company filled with experts and professionals who will renovate your establishment and fix every problem your building has?
Step right in and let us work hard to turn your desires into reality.

Feel free to request an obligation-free quotation!

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