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South Africa
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Just painting and waterproofing
Location: Johannesburg and Pretoria
Industry: Painting and Waterproofing
Welcome to Just Painting and Waterproofing 

Just Painting and Waterproofing specialises in waterproofing roofs and paint contracting to residential homes,estates,complexes,in Johannesburg and Pretoria. 

All projects are supervised from start to finish. Our experienced team of waterproofers painters are dedicated to completing work of a high standard to meet the clients expectations and the project requirements. 

Since being established in 2002 by Vincent Mudau we have built up a reputation of being professional reliable and trustworthy. By having this kind of reputation the majority of our work is attained by means of "word of mouth" and" referals".

In our work we strive to use materials of high quality from well known suppliers guaranteed to complete your project profesionaly. We ensure that the fundamental procedures are followed when doing the preparations as this part of the project is the foundation for all other work to be completed. All our damproofing and waterproofing work guranteed. 

We offer /no obligation quatations to meet your waterproofing and painting requirements so contact us today for a professional reliable service.
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