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South Africa
Location: Cape Town
Industry: Barter Trade Exchange

Afribarter offers businesses a platform to trade/barter with other members using an alternative currency, called Trade Crefits, as the record keeper. Business only trade what isn't selling in the cash economy ie. excess capacity.  You decide what value you attach to your product or service, who you sell to and when. 

The advantages of trading on Afribarter are that you get to do MORE business without affecting your existing cash business and this is offset against things you were already paying for in cash. Your business enjoys free advertising on the Afribarter site and through our newsletters and there is no membership fee for BizBe members joining. The only cash fee you pay for using the Afribarter platform is 2% of the value of your transaction and 2.5% Trade Credit fee which is billed directly to your Afribarter account.

Most businesses are feeling the effect of the down turn in the economy which is why it makes sense to join Afribarter and go back to the basics of barter.

Why buy when you can barter.

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